Implementing and Continually Improving IT Governance 


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Implementing and Continually Improving IT Governance enhances, expands and improves on the content of the prior ISACA IT Governance Implementation Guide Using COBIT and Val IT 2nd Edition publication. It incorporates valuable references to cutting edge research from the recent ISACA publications The Val IT Framework 2.0 and The Risk IT Framework, as well as from the recently issued ISO/IEC 38500 standard on IT governance.

This guide provides an approach for implementing IT governance in such a way that the implementation team can get started in an effective and efficient manner. The objective is to provide a good practice approach for implementing and maintaining effective IT governance based on a continual improvement life cycle that should be tailored to suit the enterprise’s specific needs. Subjects covered in the guide include:

  • Positioning IT governance
  • Taking the first steps towards IT governance
  • Challenges and success factors
  • Enabling change
  • Implementing a continual improvement life cycle
  • Using COBIT, Val IT and Risk IT components

The tool kit zip files for ISACA members now contain 22 supporting documents in various formats. The tool kits include an Excel Process Maturity Tool based on the COBIT maturity model and designed to provide practical support for its use, highlighting the need to address IT governance, perform a gap analysis and identify areas to mature.