Managing Risk in the Wireless Environment: Security, Audit and Control Issues 


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To effectively implement wireless security, it is necessary to understand the technology and the ways that it can be exploited. It is necessary to implement appropriate controls and audits to ensure that the security measures called for in the security policy are, in fact, implemented and that they work as intended. This publication presents this information and more in an easy to understand approach.

This publication provides the necessary technical and security background to all practicing assurance, control and security professionals that they may confidently evaluate the security of wireless networks of all types, and make knowledgeable recommendations for improvements to security or to cost-effectiveness. Included are:

  • An overview of networking protocols and standards
  • A discussion of risk and vulnerability mitigation
  • Security policy for wireless networks
  • Best practices and practical considerations
  • A list of frequently asked questions
  • A table of wireless assurance functional objectives
  • An internal control questionnaire<
  • A wireless security checklist