Managing Third-Party Risk 


Cyberrisk Practices for Better Enterprise Risk Management

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Today, almost every enterprise relies on third-party vendors to help facilitate the creation and delivery of products and services. Whether they actually contribute to the products/services or just to the environment that helps create them, these vendors provide the specializations needed by the enterprise to be successful. Essentially, they are an extension of the company.

As an extended part of the enterprise, vendor activities fall under a subset of enterprise risk management that is growing in importance for boards of directors, enterprise leaders and IT practitioners. And from a customers’ point of view, the enterprise is not separate from its vendors—so third-party risk truly is enterprise risk. Our FREE white paper, Managing Third-Party Risk, takes a holistic view of this topic and offers insights into how enterprises should proceed.

This white paper provides best practices on governance issues, forms of third-party risk assessment, integration into a risk analysis process, as well as closeout and monitoring activities. Improve your third-party risk management program and take steps toward avoiding a potential third-party breach. Get your FREE copy today!