Networked Biomedical Device Security 


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Few professions are as technology-enabled as healthcare, and with each passing year more digital tools proliferate. Wired and wireless data-driven biomedical devices monitor and manage patient care by connecting to the Internet, to a mobile app, or to a healthcare facility’s private network. However, their advantages of connectivity and data collection are also points of vulnerability and risk.

This FREE ISACA Tech Brief: Networked Biomedical Device Security provides a basic understanding of the security concerns involving the use of these connected devices. Practitioners and stakeholders must work together to assume the responsibilities for minimizing risk to patient care, medical records, confidential information, and secured networks and facilities.

Learn how networked biomedical devices are used in healthcare, how security measures have evolved, and which best practices are recommended today for those who work with and around these devices—download your FREE copy today.

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