SSH: Practitioner Considerations 


Secure Your Usage of SSH Technology

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Every organization’s technology footprint is different—no two enterprise situations are identical. But one of the few technology products in use by nearly every enterprise is Secure Shell (SSH). Given this universality, it is surprising that SSH usage in many companies is only rarely secured, assessed, documented and examined in a systematic and risk-aware manner.

ISACA's free white paper, SSH: Practitioner Considerations, recounts the various audit considerations when using SSH in your enterprise. This publication covers both the current security of SSH usage as well as the additive controls that should be implemented to protect future usage. Moreover, it provides guidance for development of an audit plan for SSH technology.

In addition, we have developed a companion audit worksheet, Recommended Controls for Secure Shell Protocol, which highlights potential ways to secure your usage of SSH technology. This free standalone workflow aid can be kept handy for quick reference or used to develop more formal audit programs for SSH. Download your free copies today!