Shadow IT Primer 


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The use of shadow IT—technology used by employees but not approved/implemented by the enterprise—is becoming the new normal, according to recent surveys. Despite the risks inherent in this situation, enterprises are clearly finding value in the use of shadow IT to drive innovation. However, as with any advancement, it must be monitored and managed to achieve the best results.

To help enterprises navigate the upside and downside of shadow IT, we have collected the real-life feedback of more than a dozen experts who deal with shadow IT issues every day in their organizations. The lessons and best practices of those many years of experience can be found in the free white paper, Shadow IT Primer. Besides the threats and advantages, learn about mitigating controls, implementation steps and assessment guidance, useful for any business in any industry.

Then you can put your learnings into practice with our free Sample Policy for Technology Purchasing. With this tool, you can keep track of the technology being supplied and used, and by whom. What you don’t know can certainly hurt you, and this sample policy can be used or modified by your enterprise as a first step for tracking company technology usage. Improve your use of shadow IT and its benefits to your organization—download your copy of both the white paper and sample policy today.