Understanding Blockchain Technology 


ISACA Research Report: Blockchain Fundamentals

An Inside Look at the Technology With the Potential to Impact Everything

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Advances in blockchain technology offer incredible opportunities for innovation by streamlining digital transactions. Recent tech media coverage promises revolutionary developments for many industries, changing the way commerce is transacted and records are kept. But what is at the heart of this technological development? What is blockchain? How is it applicable to so many different uses and industries?

The answers to these questions are explained in ISACA’s new research report, Blockchain Fundamentals: An Inside Look at the Technology With the Potential to Impact Everything. This extensive research report provides a deeper technical dive into the use of this technology. Blockchain promises to become a major force for innovation, changing the way you process everything with records. As more businesses realize the value of making this investment, practitioners will need to keep their skills up-to-date.

In addition, our free ISACA Tech Brief: Blockchain Basics explores the factors driving this fast-developing innovation, with commentaries from leading experts in the field. This 4-page brief, designed to provide high-level takeaways on an emerging tech topic, also looks at Bitcoin, which utilizes blockchain, as well as the business impact on enterprises. Those debating the use of this technology can review advice from early adopters as well as critical questions to consider before making investments.