Understanding the Enterprise Advantages of Application Containerization 


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An Overview

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Practitioner Considerations

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Enterprises are rapidly adopting application containers—and the reason is clear. Application containers are transforming these enterprises all over the world. Application containerization allows data centers to deploy business applications more rapidly, with reduced development overhead, lower costs, more efficient use of resources and increased business agility. This business value is driving significant gains in interest and market adoption of application containerization.

Part One: An Overview

In the first installment in this white paper series, we examine the factors contributing to the popularity of this innovation. What are application containers? What are the benefits? How do they work? In addition, we explore product examples as well as the most popular tools used with application containers.

Part Two: Practitioner Considerations

In the second installment in this white paper series, we examine the issues for practitioners managing this innovation. Potential risk areas arise as a result of using containers in certain scenarios. To make proper risk management decisions, practitioners must evaluate business value and risk holistically, which includes understanding both the risk and business value for application containerization.

These two white papers represent the first and second installments in our series examining application containers. Download your free copies today!