Understanding Artificial Intelligence 


ISACA Tech Brief: Artificial Intelligence

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Organizations are great at collecting data. They are often less proficient at making informed business decisions from the data they collect. Artificial and augmented intelligence, machine learning and expert systems offer promise for remedying this situation.

This free ISACA Tech Brief: Artificial Intelligence explores the advances driving this break-through innovation, with commentaries from leading experts in the field. This 4-page brief examines the commonly accepted definition of AI and machine learning, its role in transforming businesses, and the potential challenges on the horizon. Those considering the use of this technology can review advice from early adopters as well as critical questions to ask before making investments.

Who Can Benefit from ISACA Tech Briefs?

The complimentary Tech Brief series is designed to offer a high-level overview of an emerging or burgeoning technology for those unfamiliar or unaware of the subject. Practitioners can use these reports to help non-IT professionals and stakeholders with their basic understanding of the topics covered.

Building on the Tech Briefs, ISACA also provides practitioners with opportunities for more advance learning through the ISACA Tech Discovery courses that offer CPE.