COBIT 5 Online 


The next step in the evolution of IT governance and a new way of looking at COBIT. A consolidated, comprehensive resource that takes COBIT 5 and makes it more practical and easier to use than ever.

ACCESS COBIT ONLINE COBIT online is a consolidated, comprehensive resource center for governance and management of enterprise IT. The platform offers dynamic content and helps to increase the utility of COBIT and family of products.

Users of ISACA’s current COBIT Online will soon have a replacement product. The new version of COBIT Online will provide users the ability to navigate the COBIT 5 product family to include COBIT 5, COBIT 5 Implementation, COBIT 5: Enabling Processes, COBIT 5: Enabling Information, COBIT 5 for Assurance, COBIT 5 for Information Security, and COBIT 5 for Risk.

Features of COBIT 5 Online

Besides gaining online access to the COBIT 5 product family, users will also be able to:

  • Browse industry news and other ISACA articles related to GEIT and COBIT topics
  • Easily navigate and search COBIT publications
  • Export the portions that fit your enterprise’s needs
  • Write feedback on areas within the COBIT 5 publications
  • Personalize RACI and Goals Cascade tools (coming fall 2014)

Users who have purchased COBIT 5 publications will have access to those publications and the ability to download them, in their unique instance of COBIT Online. Future releases of the site will include a toolset to create an individualized goals cascade and RACI charts for each governance and management practice.

  COBIT 5 Online FAQs

COBIT 4.1 Online

Explore the features, facets and benefits of COBIT Online and MyCOBIT — including customized guidance results, online benchmarking and discussion forums — to determine which subscription level is right for you. COBIT Online presents COBIT knowledge, based on COBIT 4.1, in a uniform and user-friendly fashion.

Features of COBIT 4.1 Online

  • Construct customized guidance results and view online or download as a MyCOBIT document
  • Access the ever-expanding knowledge base of COBIT
  • Search COBIT’s best practices
  • Perform Benchmarking online
  • Access discussion forums
  • Access COBIT Online Detailed Function Overview


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