Strategy 2022 


ISACA is committed to exceeding constituent needs by proactively targeting and capturing opportunities according to a well-defined set of objectives.

Introducing an updated strategy

ISACA has a long history of evolving in anticipation of the changing needs of members and enterprises around the world. We continually focus on providing the most current, valuable and effective benefits to members and other stakeholders. Our membership growth has reflected the wisdom of previous decisions, and we now serve approximately 140,000 constituents in 180 countries.

Like the industry we serve, ISACA is accustomed to and welcomes change. This is evident by the plans being put in place relating to an initiative named Strategy 2022 (S22). This is not a new strategy, but rather an extension of Strategy 1, which was introduced in 2009. The updated strategy marks the beginning, in 2012, of a slow evolution with a 10-year horizon, hence the reference to the year 2022.

Work is in progress as we gather information from members, nonmembers and the overall marketplace to determine the demand for ISACA to focus on certain areas of our professions. We are intentionally focusing on a longer-term view to allow time to address our constituents’ longer-term needs and business trends.

Trust in, and value from, information systems

One familiar—and reassuring—fact has already become clear from our initial market research in support of S22. The vision/tagline identified in our 2009 strategy endeavor is still on target as we continue building on our mission and leadership position: Trust in, and value from, information systems. Even so, we are approaching this next phase as an exciting new opportunity to expand on the value we provide to our many global constituents.

Our strategic aspirational view focuses on our global leadership in educating, training and informing professionals and enterprises in the area of trust in information and information systems. We will continue to research and create the knowledge that our core constituents need to succeed in the coming decade and beyond, plus we will reach out to other professionals who may find value in our practical education on building trust within their domains.

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Below are links to additional information about Strategy 22, which will be updated as progress is made. We thank you for learning more about ISACA’s continually evolving strategy and we welcome your comments at