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2017 AGM Results
All of the elected ISACA Brisbane Chapter Board of Directors were returned at the 2017 AGM.


Mr. Daniel Newby, CISA


Ms. Mayus Nath


Mrs Tracey Lawrance


Mr. Robin Roome, CISA, CGEIT


Mr. Kevin Mar Fan


Miss Jennifer Kahirimbanyi

Also, all previous general meeting minutes were accepted by the members represented.


ISACA Brisbane Chapter would like to congratulate all the 2017 exam passers:


Mr. Raveesh Wattegedara

Mr. Matthew Elphick

Mr. Shahil Jagunundan

Mr. Daniel Meara

Miss Jessica Sears


Ms. Shamma Ismail

Mr. Pavle Andric

Ms. Jane Hogan

Dr. David Ross

Mr. Raheel Khan

Mr. Philip Fowdar


Mr. Muhammad Ashnas-ul- Islam

Mr. Brian Kunick

Mr. Jason Molachino


Mrs. Tracey Ann Lawrance

Mr. Andrew Dacombe


ISACA Brisbane Chapter would like to congratulate all the members who achieved certification in 2017: 



Mr. RongSheng, David Ong, CISA

Mr. Michael Curtain, CISA

Mr. Cameron Kuys, CISA

Mr. Matthew Elphick, CISA

Mr. Luke Zillman, CISA

Mr. Matthew Griffin, CISA

Mr. Clifford Clibborn-Dyer, CISA

Mr. Lucas Overman, CISA

Mr. Vineet Arora, CISA

Mr. Mayur Patel, CISA

Mr. Richard Lauchlan Cleminson, CISA

Mr. Damon Sutherland, CISA


Mr. David Kelly, CISM

Mr. Philip Fowdar, CISA,CISM,CRISC

Ms. Jane Hogan, CISM

Mr. Pavle Andric, CISM,CRISC

Mr. Neil Lappage, CISM

Mr. Gurdip Singh Harjit Singh, CISM

Mr. Jeff Duthie, CISM


Mr. Sartaj Singh Chopra, CGEIT


Andrew Dacombe, CRISC

Mrs. Tracey Ann Lawrance, CRISC

Mr. Pavle Andric, CISM,CRISC

Mr. Vladislav Snegovoy, CISM,CGEIT,CRISC

Ms. Pia Montserrat Ongtangco, CISA,CRISC

Mr. Alvin Rubyono, CRISC

ISACA Brisbane Supporting Future Generations


ISACA Brisbane were recently thanked for their support to University of Qld and Central Qld University in the promotion of IS Audit & Control excellence among their students.

ISACA Brisbane Board




Folder: ISACA Brisbane CommsISACA Brisbane CommsBillinBrisbane
Security and Systems Auditor - Audit Albion.pdfSecurity and Systems Auditor - Audit AlbionDaniel1108
Graduate IT Auditor - Audit Albion.pdfGraduate IT Auditor - Audit AlbionDaniel1108
Invite - IT-030 ICT Governance and management forum.pdfInvite - IT-030 ICT Governance and management forumBillinBrisbane