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Are you considering an Information Technology (IT) related career? Joining ISACA will open the door to opportunities in a wide range of fields like security, audit, assurance, risk, privacy, compliance and many more!

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ISACA Brisbane Award

Friday, 21 June 2019 saw ISACA Brisbane members once again meet at Miss Kay's on George St to celebrate the awarding of the ISACA Brisbane Award to for demonstrating ISACA's purpose and promise; for helping business technology professionals and their enterprises realise the positive potential of technology, and inspiring confidence that enables innovation through technology to:

John Halliday

John has been a volunteer, board member of the Brisbane Chapter, and continues to be a leader within the local and regional ISACA community.

John is a familiar presenter on topics of interest to ISACA members, and a sessional Lecturer on Governance at CQU.

John consistently demonstrates ISACA’s purpose and promise to the Brisbane ICT assurance, risk, and security community through his promotion of COBIT and ISACA to key influencers across a wide range of industries. And a visit to his Linked In page will provide plenty of food for thought.

SheLeadsTech Brisbane Award

Also at the 2019 ISACA Brisbane Chapter Recognition & Awards Night was the inaugural awarding of the SheLeadsTech Brisbane Award to:

Tracey Lawrance


Increasing the representation of women in technology leadership positions and the tech workforce through:

  • Raising awareness;
  • Being prepared to lead; and
  • Building alliances.

Tracey has and continues to be a key member of the International, Regional, and local drive for recognising women in technology.


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Security and Systems Auditor - Audit Albion.pdfSecurity and Systems Auditor - Audit AlbionDaniel1108
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