ISACA London Chapter - Nominations Committee (NomCo) 


A Sub Committee nominated by the Chapter Board to ensure that succession of the Board is managed effectively, openly and equitably, encouraging member participation in the Chapter at Board level.

NomCo's Terms Of Reference can be found here:

The latest news on the Nominations Committee timetable can be found here:

The members of NomCo are listed below. For biography/profile information, please click on their respective links):

Sue Milton Sue Milton (Chairman and Member Volunteer)


 Kal Taheem Kal Taheem (Vice Chairman and Member Volunteer)


Paul White Paul White (Committee Member and Chapter President)


Ken Spence Ken Spence (Committee Member and Chapter Vice President)


Peter Drabwell (Committee Member and Immediate Past President)


Innovation for 2017

Introduction of the 'Apprenticeship' role; it's purpose is to encourage members who want to understand more about what the Board does, to participate in Board activities by supporting individual Directors. All the excitement and experience of running a Chapter under the guidance of an experienced Director. The Appointment Process is as for a Board Director, only that you state you are applying as an Apprentice in the Nominations Form.