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Nominations Committee Schedule 2017

Many thanks to those of you who have applied for Board and Volunteer positions on the ISACA London Chapter. While the nominations window is now closed, the Nominations Committee (NomCo) are busy reviewing all of the applications, subject to the following timetable. Should you have any questions/feedback with regard to the process, please email the Chapter via [email protected].

10th March 2017 - Candidate shortlist and interview schedule to be agreed

24th March 2017 - Candidate interviews to be completed

31st March 2017 - NomCo Selection Meeting (Draft Slate created)

6th April 2017 - NomCo Selection Meeting to review Draft Slate

13th April 2017 - Draft Slate revised to address changes/gaps.

April 2017 - Board Meeting to approve Slate recommendations and share with the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC). Meeting date TBC.

23rd April 2017 - Board Appointments confirmed in writing.

25th April 2017 - New Board/Candidate Profiles created

10th May 2017 - Notification to Chapter Members of Slate (as per AGM pack)

10th May 2017 - Board pack inclusive of formal documentation for signature (e.g. Companies House documentation)

25th May 2017 - New Board Slate presented to the AGM for election. New Board action their formal documentation as per the pack content.

Early June 2017 - Board Meeting - New Board introductions and related matters.