Chapter Committees 



Shall promote interest in the Chapter, and in the Association, and conduct an ongoing membership campaign. When requested by the Association, the local Chapter, through its membership committee, shall receive and forward applications for membership to the Association.

Ms. Lisa Scott, Director -  [email protected]


Shall be comprised of three subcommittees.  Two of the subcommittees will focus on the monthly Chapter Meeting educational component and one subcommittee will focus on our training seminars.   Together, the Chapter Meetings subcommittee and the Quarterly Events subcommittee will recommend and oversee monthly and quarterly educational programs and seminars of professional education.  In addition, the third subcommittee will be an Administrative Committee working to register participants and coordinate administrative responsibilities.

Mr. Sandeep Desai, CISA, Director Quarterly Events

Mr. David Darnell, CISA CISM, Director Chapter Meetings


Shall oversee and coordinate Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA®), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) and Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT(CGEIT®) study programs where possible.

Ms. Donna Natarajan, CGEIT, Director Certifications -


Shall promote interest in the Phoenix ISACA® Chapter at local universities and colleges. Shall form relationships with student organizations and facilitate various initiatives and events to maintain those relationships (such as Student Chapter affiliations, participation in on-campus recruiting events, and presentations at relevant courses and student events). Shall also research opportunities for providing student "scholarships" and maintenance of a scholarship program.

Aaron Carpenter, Director - [email protected]


Shall complete an annual audit of the records of the Chapter, and report those findings to the Chapter Board.


Shall review any local Chapter bylaws changes and ensure their compliance with the Association’s bylaws and applicable country requirements.  The committee shall then forward all Chapter bylaws changes to the Association, with changes indicated.  The committee should assist the Chapter Board of Directors in a periodic, ideally annual, comparison of Chapter practices to the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, and should also be available to provide advice to the Board as necessary.  The committee may recommend Bylaws and Policies and Procedures changes to the Chapter Board of Directors for further consideration by the Chapter membership.


Shall have oversight of the maintenance of the Chapter website and chapter newsletters which will be handled by two separate subcommittees of the communications committee.  This will allow oversight and better messaging to our membership on a consistent basis.  The Chairperson of the Website and Chapter Newsletter committees will be part of the Communications committee.

Aaron Cook, President - [email protected]
AJ Karn or Carlos Teodoro, Webmaster - [email protected]