Volunteer Opportunities 


Volunteers are an essential part of the ISACA organization.  ISACA members who volunteer their skills and time, take pride in knowing they play an important role in the continued success of our local Chapter.

If you would like to volunteer for any of our committees, please send an email to volunteer@isacaphoenixchapter.org.

Current Volunteers:

Volunteer Area


Academic Relations

Aaron Carpenter, Chair
Cory Steinbicker
Rebecca Allison
Dan Konzen

Isaiah Adonu
Lina Sun
Will Helton
Mukesh Bollineni

Certifications Committee

Andy Deas, Chair
Debbie Christofferson, CISM Instructor
Kim Jones, CISM Instructor
James Gentile, CISM Instructor
Derrick Coston, CISA Instructor
Gail Ricketts, CISA Instructor
Lisa Narvas, CRISC Instructor
Tanith Moore, CRISC Instructor
Carlita Cotton
Heather Stanavitch
Karine Rivet
Ray Yagami

Communications Committee

Shayne Zundel, Chair
Jaki Gerald, C-vent Administrator
Andy Good, C-vent Administrator
NT Hettigei, Webmaster
AJ Karn, Webmaster
Susan Adams, SurveyMonkey Guru

Chapter Meeting Committee

Susan Casady, Chair
David Darnell, Speaker Coordinator
Carol Holley, Speaker Coordinator
Dea Farley, Food Coordinator
Stacey Linch, Registration Desk
Christopher Slater, Registration Desk
Ojasvi Jhuraney, Registration Desk

Quarterly Training Events

Sandeep Desai, Chair
Beena Shah
Ed Simko

Research Committee

Joe Norris, Chair
Committee Members:
Sanjay Bhide
Amanthi Pendergraft
John Livingston
Dan Wagner
Jon Oppenhuis
Rebecca Stanke

Sponsorship Committee

Tim Plona, Chair


Rob Elliott, Treasurer