10/18/2016 Luncheon Presentation

Table Top Exercise - Simulated Cybersecurity Incident: You've Been Breached, Now What Are You Going To Do?




9/20/2016 Luncheon Presentation

Lessons Learned form Treating Trauma

by Vanessa Pegueros



5/17/2016 Luncheon Presentation

 Identifying Cybersecurity Threats and Evaluating IT Controls

by Jody Cedola and Robert Kaler



2016 Spring Seminar Presentations 


Spring Seminar 2016 Cloud Compliance
by Kevin Tam


Spring Seminar 2016 Protiviti Breach Kill Chain Model
by Dan Hansen

Spring Seminar 2016 Getting Serious About Cyber Security
by Jack Jones


Spring Seminar 2016 Cybersecurity in Healthcare
by Sean P. Murphy


Spring Seminar 2016 Threat Intelligence
by Michael C. Boyd




3/15/16 Microsoft Retail: The Security and Privacy Story

3/15/16 ISACA PSC Luncheon

(Link to PDF)



2/16/16 IAM Intelligence Overview

2/16/16 ISACA PSC Luncheon

(Link to PDF)



10/20/15 Luncheon Presentation 


Why We are Failing

10/20/15 ISACA PSC Luncheon

(Link to PDF)



9/16/15 Luncheon Presentation

Institutional Considerations for Managing IoT Risk

9/16/15 ISACA PSC Luncheon

(Link to PDF)




2015 Spring Seminar Presentations


Houston We Have Several Problems - by Vanessa Pegueros
3/23/15 ISACA PSC Seminar
(Link to PDF)


Sensitive Data in the AWS Cloud - by Chad Woolf
3/23/15 ISACA PSC Seminar
(Link to PDF)


Privacy and Measurement - by Jennifer Harkins Garone
3/24/15 ISACA PSC Seminar
(Link to Powerpoint)


Risk: Why Do We Care - by Cris Ewell
3/24/15 ISACA PSC Seminar
(Link to PDF)


More to come!


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2017 CISM Fact Sheet


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Journal Article

Audit Transparency in Action

Why is transparency a key pillar of audit success? There is an inherent lack of trust of internal auditors in many organizations because of the negative connotation that is inherent in the word “audit.”


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Journal Article

Agile Audit

Agile audit is primarily about increasing the efficiency mainly of complex audits by parallelizing tasks, eliminating or mitigating bottlenecks, and assigning time to various tasks that is proportional to each task’s importance.


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Student Membership Application


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Manage Risk Audit/Assurance Program


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