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Once you go cloud, you can’t go back.


 An AIIA - ISACA Perth Chapter Event


In February 2017, Amazon S3 failed for 11 hours. For many companies, this is where the very obvious single point of failure was apparent. If you’ve moved your organisation to the cloud or a hybrid cloud system, how prepared are you to deal with a common-mode failure?

Can your organisation’s risk appetite cope with failure of one of the “Big 3” cloud providers? As well as availability issues, Alex Dolan will explore the security implications of putting all your eggs in one cloud.

Alex is a Perth-based Security Consultant working for Telstra. He has worked for high profile clients in Law Enforcement, utilities and resource sectors and has provided security solutions to international businesses such as global post and shipping providers, He is an active member in the local security community and stays ahead of the curve in both security assessment and attack vector trends.

Date: Tuesday, 23 May 2017 - 1200 to 1300


Office of the Auditor General
Albert Facey House (Ground Floor)
469 Wellington Street (Forrest Chase), Perth.

Please register your attendance by emailing:
[email protected]