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BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day - Event Update

From Left to Right: Pierre McConnell, President, IAFCI (Western Canada) & Senior Investigator, Financial Crimes & Fraud Management Group, TD Bank (Pacific Region); Jim Attridge, Manager, Cyber Security BC Hydro and Power Authority; Sharon Polsky, President Privacy & Access Council of Canada; Jesse Miller, President Mediated Reality; Naima Salemohamed, Student & Privacy Advocate University of Victoria; Michael Argast, Director TELUS Security Solutions, Western Canada


BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day was a Success!

The ISACA Vancouver British Columbia Privacy & Security Awareness Day Organizing Committee is very pleased to report that our inaugural event was a resounding success.

Approximately 200 representatives from the Government of BC, the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner, Municipal Governments from around the Province, BC's corporate community, and ISACA's Vancouver & Victoria Chapters attended a reception hosted by ISACA Vancouver at the Victoria Conference Centre on February 5th and stood proudly in solidarity to advocate for public privacy & security awareness. Various media representatives also attended and a number of articles in various publications were successful in drawing attention to this inaugural day and the unprecedented cooperation amongst BC's privacy and security professionals that made it all possible. Public awareness with regard to privacy and security issues was also broadly promoted via our province-wide poster campaign, a comprehensive social media marketing campaign, and the BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day web site which can be found at www.bcaware.ca.

ISACA Vancouver thanks its corporate sponsors (CGI, TELUS, Coast Capital Savings, Websense, & CIPS) and the broader community of affiliates that participated and lent their support to this initiative once again. We are proud to announce that net proceeds of more than $5,000 have been raised and will be put towards ISACA Vancouver's ongoing educational outreach programs. ISACA Vancouver looks forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders to build on this year's success in the coming weeks, months and years.


BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day - Feb 6th, 2014


ISACA Vancouver is spearheading a collaborative effort to promote privacy and security awareness in the Province of BC. To that end, Feb 6th, 2014 has been designated as BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day!

What is BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day?

ISACA Vancouver’s intent is to take a leadership role in promoting privacy and security awareness in the Province of BC. BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day is a “call to arms” to draw focus to, and inform citizens throughout the province of, the inherent risks associated with cyberspace, and the simple, practical advice on how to minimize their exposure to these risks.

Why do we need one?

Whether they know it or not, all individuals, governments and commercial enterprises are potential targets of cybercrime. Today, the profits of criminal organizations derived from their cybercriminal activities now exceed the profits associated with the illegal drug trade. Cybercriminal activity amounts to a tremendous erosion of economic wealth, both current and future, from all targeted individuals and organizations. The potential for profit is great while the risk of conviction is low. Awareness of the risks to society must be highlighted to engage citizens and to galvanize privacy and security professionals around this cause.

BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day is unique in that it is community-based and aimed at the general public. Today, with the proliferation of personal mobile devices and notebooks constantly moving between home and corporate networks, we are all connected, and our collective IT savviness is essential to ensuring our privacy and our security.

What will be the staging point for Privacy & Security Awareness Day?

ISACA Vancouver is partnering with Reboot Communications, the organization responsible for hosting the BC Government’s 15th Annual Privacy & Security Conference from Feb 5-7 in Victoria, BC.

Hosted by ISACA Vancouver, a cocktail reception will be held in the Salon C at the Victoria Convention Centre on the evening of Feb 5th (4:00pm to 6:00pm) and will serve as the staging point of the official proclamation of BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day by an all-star list of public officials and corporate leaders. Representatives of the media and of the privacy and security communities, sponsoring politicians, and other interested parties will be invited to attend and demonstrate their support.  Key messages, including cyber-security facts and statistics, and the do’s and don’ts of Internet usage, will be circulated prior to and during this event to ensure appropriate media coverage captures the essence and gravity of this issue.

Click on the link for more information regarding the list of panelists and panel topics News and Announcements.

For more information about BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day or to find out how to participate, please contact Justin Malczewski, ISACA Vancouver Marketing Director at Justin_Malczewski@hotmail.com.

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