Committee Chairs and members make your Western Michigan Chapter of ISACA® work for you!

If you have an interest in any of the listed committees, please contact us!

Academic Relations Committee
Purpose:  To build and maintain potential full-time ISACA member candidates and promote the organization within the context of the academic environment.

Chair: Cassandra Chasnis

Audit Committee
Purpose:  To facilitate the completion of an annual audit of the accounts and financial records of the chapter in accordance with sound accounting practices, and report the findings to the Board of Directors and the Chapter at the Annual General Meeting.

Chair: Tim Kubu

Certification Committee
Purpose:  To serve as the focal point for all ISACA certification programs and activities, and to serve the membership by planning and conducting certification exam review classes. 

Chair: Joe Campbell

Internet Committee
Purpose: To build and maintain the chapter’s website as required, ensuring that  it is the primary communication tool to our members. To support chapter use of technology.

Chair: Evan Malowinski

Membership, Publicity, and Publications Committee
Purpose To encourage and improve overall consistent attendance at ISACA meetings and overall total membership. To assure that the chapter membership is kept informed of interests, activities, and special programs of ISACA International the chapter.

Co-Chairs: Derrick Kooistra, John Bennett, and Patricia Chooi

Nominating Committee
Purpose: To facilitate the continued advancement of the local ISACA chapter by nominating well-qualified and experienced members for all the elected Officers and Directors as provided for in the chapter bylaws.

Chair: Tim Kubu

Events Committee
Purpose: To coordinate each event sponsored by the organization in terms of cost, fees, facilities, meals, and materials

Chair: Bob Kern