Event History - Highlights 


The New Jersey Chapter Celebrates AGM 2013!


Our Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM) was held on a Saturday night, last June 27th at the Marriott-Teaneck at Glenpointe.  For those who didn’t attend, or haven’t attended any AGM so far, I wanted to give you a taste.

The meeting was held far from our usual haunt in East Hannover.  Let me say I really like the Hanover Manor where we usually go.  Great food and great service, and if you haven’t been there lately, they’re getting a new wing!  But going to the Marriott was a real treat.  It felt like you were going somewhere out of town for a convention without having actually left the state.  You remember the good old days when we went to Chicago, Dallas or Orlando at the drop of a hat, and the company’s money too?

But, back to the AGM.  This is the meeting where all secrets are revealed.  Who was nominated for which board seat and who was moving on.  Our whole process for this seems a little shrouded in mystery (I heard we are looking at reviewing that).  But I guess that sort of builds the anticipation of the AGM.  At least for those who are into that.  We also get to see how the budget looks (growing and with more money in the bank), what wonderful programs have been cooked up for the future and how our membership numbers look (steady).  Plus we get to give nice plaques to those who have given so much of their time, especially Jeni, our now past President - or do we call her Emeritus?  We recognized the board members moving on, the consistent and continuing service of Cary Brown, as well as our web-masters, editor, course reviewers and volunteers.

As well, we learned of the deep history of our NJ Chapter as we listened to George Hertzberg (no not the one defeated by Buffy the Vampire Slayer!), a man of great significance to ISACA and founder of the ISACA Metro Chapter.  Google George D. H. Hertzberg and you’ll be mightily impressed.

Well, I could go on and on about our fun event, but I promised you just a taste.  To get a full serving, I hope all of our members look to join us next year and maybe we can do it at The Prudential Center.  That would really Rock!  See you next year.

To see more photos from our AGM:  http://flic.kr/s/aHsjHfBuQS  (photos by Wendy Robinson)