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Delivering value to information security, audit and governance professionals in Adelaide since 1983.

Adelaide Chapter

The Adelaide Chapter was formed on 14 March 1983 and has been an active and vibrant Chapter for 28 years.

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Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. It has a population of approximately 1.5 million people and is best known for its superb wines, excellent chocolate and locally made ice cold beer!

It is also a city of festivals with the world's second largest fringe festival, a world music and dance festival WOMADelaide, home of a professional cycling Tour Down Under and specatularly fast and loud V8 Clipsal 500.


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Welcome to the ISACA Adelaide Chapter. The aim of the Chapter is to sponsor local professional development sessions, provide assistance for ISACA exam candidates, conduct educational seminars and workshops, and help to further promote and elevate the visibility of the IS audit, control and security profession in South Australia.

Current ISACA Adelaide Chapter Leaders are:

Our chapter is run by volunteers who are ISACA members nominated through ISACA Annual General Meeting (AGM) held every October.

ISACA members 
are highly encouraged to participate in running the chapter with Board nominations being accepted during September. If you would like to assist the chapter in operations and preparation of the Oceania CACS 2013, contact our secretary.

Our objectives are:

  • To promote the education of, and help expand the knowledge and skills of its members in the interrelated fields of IS security management, assurance, risk, audit and control, and IT governance in South Australia;
  • To encourage an open exchange of information systems audit and control, assurance, governance and security techniques, approaches, and problem solving by its members;
  • To promote adequate communication to keep members abreast of current events in information systems audit and control, information assurance, and security fields that can be of benefit to them and their employers;
  • To communicate to management, auditors, universities, information systems professionals and the public the importance of establishing controls necessary to ensure the effective organization and utilization of IT resources; and
  • To advocate professioanlism through promotion of ISACA® international’s professional certifications: CISA®, CISM®, CGEIT® and CRISC®.

ISACA Timeline
1969 First chapter formed--ISACA Los Angeles Chapter (Note: The LA Chapter's charter was made official in 1972.)
1971 First Computer Audit, Control and Security (CACS) conference held (later this became North America CACS)
1973 Inaugural issue of the then-quarterly The EDP Auditor Journal, now ISACA Journal, issued
1973 First International Conference held
1974 The National Committee on Intel Education & Training established
1976 Information Systems Audit and Control Foundation (ISACF) established
1976 Control Objectives publication released
1976 (June) First chapter formed outside the US–Mexico City Chapter
1976 (June) First chapter formed in Oceania–Sydney Chapter
1978 CISA program launched
1979 First chapters formed in Europe–Tel Aviv (July) and Milan (December)
1981 (June) First CISA exam held
1982 (September) First chapter formed in Asia–Hong Kong Chapter
1983 (March) ISACA Adelaide Chapter Formed
1985 First Asia-Pacific CACS
1986 First EuroCACS held (ISACA International Headquarters did not begin producing these until 1995)
1987 First EDPACS held (later this became Oceania CACS)
1988 (October) Statements on Information Systems Auditing Standards (SISAS) issued
1992 (August) First chapter formed in Africa–South Africa Chapter
1994 The association's name changes from The EDP Auditors Association to Information Systems Audit and Control Association
1994 ISACA celebrates 25 years
1994 The EDP Auditor Journal is renamed IS Audit & Control Journal
1994 First Global Leadership Conference held
1996 First Latin America CACS held
1996 Journal expanded to bimonthly publication
1996 (April) COBIT first issued
1997 Journal celebrates its 25th anniversary
1997 (May) IS Auditing Standards, Guidelines and Procedures first issued, replacing SISAS
1998 IT Governance Institute (ITGI) established
1998 ISACA Training Week series launched
1998 (April) COBIT, 2nd Edition, issued
1998 (July) University of Waterloo Centre for Information Systems Assurance founded
1998 (March) ISACA Model Curricula for IS Auditing at the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels issued
1999 First Network Security Conference held
1999 Global Information Repository (GIR), now named K-Net, launched
2000 IS Audit & Control Journal renamed Information Systems Control Journal
2000 (July) COBIT, 3rd Edition, issued
2001 (January) Academic Advocate Program founded
2002 CISM program launched
2002 (July) 25,000 CISA certified
2003 IT Governance Institute and Information Systems Audit and Control Foundation (ISACF) combine under the name IT Governance Institute (ITGI)
2003 (June) First CISM exam held
2003 (October) COBIT Online launched
2004 First Sarbanes-Oxley Symposium held
2004 First Information Security Management Conference held
2004 (September) ISACA Model Curriculum for IS Auditing and Control issued
2004 (November) First COBIT User Convention held
2004 (December) COBIT in Academia materials first issued (now named IT Governance Using COBIT and Val IT)
2005 First IT Audit Management Forum held
2005 ISACA expands exam offering to twice a year
2005 (January) Journal Online, additional online-only articles, launched
2005 (February) The Alliance for Enterprise Security Risk Management (AESRM) founded
2005 (March) Membership reaches 50,000
2005 (April) COBIT Foundation Course (Online) launched
2005 (December) COBIT 4.0 issued
2006 ISACA and ITGI add taglines to names; ISACA drops use of full name, Information Systems Audit and Control Association
2006 Global Communiqué redesigned
2006 COBIT Focus launched
2006 First Compliance Conference held (later renamed IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Conference)
2006 First Information Security Conference Latin America
2006 First Information Security Management Forum held
2006 (May) Val IT publications first issued
2006 (August) ISACA e-Symposium series introduced
2007 CGEIT certification launched
2007 ISACA and ITGI join IT Policy Compliance Group
2007 (April) 50,000 CISA certified
2007 (May) COBIT 4.1 issued
2007 (May) Membership reaches more than 75,000
2007 (July) IT Governance Using COBIT and Val IT materials issued, updating and replacing COBIT in Academia
2007 (November) ISACA/ITGI Translation Policy and three-year pilot program approved
2008 CISA 30th anniversary
2008 CISA Online Review Course launched
2008 First IT Governance Forum held
2008 Introduced IT Audit Management Forum to Europe
2008 ITGI and ISF announce affiliate agreement
2008 Adelaide Chapter celebrates its 25th anniversary
2008 (April) IT Assurance Framework (ITAF) issued
2008 (July) Val IT 2.0 publications issued
2008 (October) 10,000 CISM certified and 1,000 CGEIT certified
2008 (December) First CGEIT exam held
2009 ISACA celebrates 40 years
2009 Information Systems Control Journal renamed ISACA Journal
2009 Adelaide Chapter became a medium-sized chapter
2010 CRISC credential announced
2011 New ISACA website launched
2012 New ISACA Adelaide website launched
2013 Adelaide hosts the 2013 ISACA CACS Conference