Keynote Abstracts 


Morning Keynotes

Shannon Lietz

DevSecOps - Red Team - Information Security Leader - Senior Manager
Cloud Security Engineering at Intuit

Embracing DevSecOps to support Rugged Innovation at Speed and Scale.

Never has there been more demand for innovation at speed and scale from today’s business environment. Agile, DevOps, and the Public Cloud are bringing to life the ideas that help transform business and make customer’s lives better. To accomplish this growing demand for customer focused solutions, security has become the final frontier and a friction that needs to become a weapon in the evolving business landscape. DevSecOps is fasting becoming part of the answer because of the shared nature of innovation at scale. Come join us as we discuss how security can become a secret ingredient in the race to meet customer needs.

Dr. Jyn Schultze-Melling

Director for Privacy Policy, Europe at Facebook

Move fast...and safeguard user trust - How Facebook handles privacy and data protection while growing a social network for 1.5 billion people.

Founded in 2004, Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. While doing so, they entrust Facebook with a lot of very personal information and the company knows that this trust is the basis for its continuous success around the world. But moving fast and being bold brings challenges in regard to many complex topics, amongst them such sensitive ones as privacy and data protection. Remaining successful requires finding answers to a lot of fundamental questions: how to keep a promise such as "users first", how to professionally set up privacy by design and how to quickly react to changes and challenges are just some from the top of the list. And given the upcoming changes in the European legal privacy frameworks, preparing for tomorrow has become one of the most daunting tasks of today.

Afternoon Keynotes

Randy Shoup

CTO at Randy Shoup Consulting
Former Engineering Director DevOps at Google and Chief Architect at eBay

Leading a Successful DevOps Transition: Lessons from the Trenches

DevOps is no longer just for Internet unicorns any more. Today many large enterprises are transitioning from the slow and siloed traditional IT approach to modern DevOps practices, and getting substantial improvements in agility, velocity, scalability, and efficiency. But this transition is not without its challenges and pitfalls, and those of us who have led this journey have the scar tissue to prove it.
A successful transition to DevOps practices ultimately involves changes to organization, to culture, and to architecture. Organizationally, we want to create multi-skilled teams with end-to-end ownership and shared production responsibilities. Culturally, we want to prioritize solving problems and improving the product over closing tickets. Architecturally, we want to move to an infrastructure with independently testable and deployable components.
This keynote synthesizes the speaker's experiences leading engineering teams at eBay, Google, and KIXEYE, as well as from his current consulting practice, and offers practical suggestions that can help organizations be more successful in their DevOps journey.

Theresa Payton

CEO and President at Fortalice Solutions LLC
Former White House CIO

Failsafe the human pysche to advance security and privacy.

We are in now in an era of the "loss of innocence and privacy." Everyone from grandma, to Oscar winners, and major corporations are targets for cyber criminals; everyone is a target, because of who they are, whom they know, what they do, or even the fact that they are connected to the Internet. The internet of things just adds more points of presence to this ever evolving problem set. If we want to solve today and tomorrow's privacy and security problems we have to rethink how we deliver security. In other words, break ALL the old rules if you want to win.