About Our Chapter 


ISACA was founded in 1967, when a small group of individuals with similar jobs—auditing controls in the computer systems that were becoming increasingly critical to the operations of their organizations—sat down to discuss the need for a centralized source of information and guidance in the field. In 1969, the group formalized, incorporating as the EDP Auditors Association. In 1976 the association formed an education foundation to undertake large-scale research efforts to expand the knowledge and value of the IT governance and control field. Previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association®, ISACA now goes by its acronym only, to reflect the broad range of IT governance professionals it serves.

Formation of the Greater Hartford Chapter was originally conceived in 1977. On November 16, 1977, Alan H. Nierenberg, completed the “Chapter Formation Proposal” for the EDP Auditors Association, Inc..

Our “Founding Fathers” were: 


Alan H. Nierenberg

Vice President:

Wayne G. Bannon


Charles A. Anderson


Alvin J. Burge

Charter Members:

George O. Rolfe, Jr.


Ralph K. Packard, Jr.


Richard Woytych


Carl Nencetti


Frank Piacente


Dennis J. Hamel


 The chapter formation meeting was held on March 22, 1978, and was attended by ninety-five data processing professionals.  Bill Grava of The Hartford Courant attended this meeting and printed the following article the next day, March 23, 1978.

The “Description of the Association”, in 1978, is below and the fundamental values stated still hold true today.

The EDP Auditors Association is a professional society having twenty-one domestic chapters and an international organization represented in Mexico City, Sidney, Toronto and Vancouver. Since the nearest chapters are located in new York and Boston, the large number of companies utilizing data processing equipment in the Greater Hartford area identified the need to organize this chapter.  Listed below are two of the major objectives upon which the growth of our chapter will be based:

• To improve the communication between data processing management and EDP auditors (internal and external)

• To promote the education of Chapter members in the areas of data processing systems (application and software) and the audit of these automated systems

We plan to achieve these objectives through the presentation of practical ideas and techniques described in terms of personal experience.

Today,  the aim of the Greater Hartford Chapter, not far removed from our origins, is to sponsor local educational seminars and workshops, conduct regular chapter meetings, and help to further promote and elevate the visibility of the IS audit, control and security profession throughout the area.

Our chapter, as is every ISACA chapter, is run by volunteers who are ISACA members nominated, voted on and announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every June. The membership of ISACA international and locally, reflects a multiplicity of backgrounds and skills that make the information systems governance field challenging and dynamic. ISACA members are highly encouraged to participate in running their local chapter.