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Member In Focus - Mariya Kozlova  



Mariya Kozlova is a new member to the Hartford Chapter – but not to ISACA. Though her background is in working with nonprofit organizations and focusing on the Healthcare Industry, she has always transgressed very disparate fields. In fact, as a member of CAMA (The Correctional Accreditation Managers Association), she was asked to present on the topic of IT and Social Media in relation to its impact on operational security in prisons and jails. Despite the 90-minute presentation (yawn!) – the conference room was packed, and not a single attendee left. The moral was that people who would be least likely to benefit from the skillsets in ISACA’s focus – are incredibly (maybe even exponentially!) more in need of learning and consultancy in this niche of work. Though Mariya’s prison-volunteering-days are now behind her (temporarily), her former life of nonprofit work brought her to a CCEP (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional) certification, and those same more-energetic-days allowed her to work full-time and still attain two graduate degrees. It was only at this juncture, that Mariya began to consult international companies on projects related to PCI and HIPAA Compliance – and only at this time that she learned of ISACA and proudly became a CISA after taking the exam in December 2015. 
When Chicago’s charm finally wore off, Mariya sought to do something different – and moved to Connecticut after one in-person visit. It is still novel how different the streets are, and how beautiful the views are, and how I have yet to be held up at gunpoint! Everyone warned that people on the East Coast would be tough and unfriendly – but it’s obvious those people lied. She is currently working as an IS Auditor at The Technology Group (Thanks for the hire, Jay!) and the people at TTG are friendly, too. Thanks so much to everyone who has welcomed Mariya!