Past Presentations 

Thanks to everyone who attended our past luncheons.

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05/26/2016 Big Data James Luck Big Data
02/29/2016 SIM IT Trend Study Dr. Vess Johnson IT Trend Study
01/23/2014 Application Security - "Mean Time to Fix - IT Risk's Dirty Little Secret"  Joseph Krull Application Security

Evolution of a Phish That Got Through the Net[work]

Allan Carey Evolution of a Phish
09/24/2013 Cloud Security Major Hayden Cloud Security
01/09/13 Understanding Risks in the Cloud Remi Nel and Roy Garber IIA_Cloud_Risk
12/13/11 Managing Risk in a Changing Environment Todd Lester
10/25/11 Auditing Microsoft Exchange Brian Thomas Oct 2011 ISACA Audit Program 
09/17/11 Business Continuity Michelle Vickers Sept 2011
05/24/11 A Perspective on Practical Intersections of Cyber Security and Business Continuity Chris Fogle May 2011 Luncheon
04/27/11 Controls and Security of Web Applications Keith Nibler
03/22/11 Cybercrime and Espionage John Pirc
02/22/11 Protecting Against Targeted Network Attacks (Mike Cotton) Mike Cotton
01/12/11 How Audit Analytics Benefits Your Organization Keith Barber Audit Analytics
12/15/10 What Control Issues are Facing us in Cyberspace Jeff Reich
10/26/10 What to Expect from a PCI QSA Led Assessment Fiona Pattinson PCI QSA Led Assessment
09/28/10 Cloud Computing Tom Desot Digital Defense