2018 July Chapter Meeting  

NIST CSF And Justifying Budget Spend on Cybersecurity
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Thursday, July 12, 2018
11:30am - 1:00pm


11:30am - Check-in / Networking Breakfast
11:45am - Chapter Announcements
11:50am - Presentation
12:50pm - Presentation Completion

George Usi



George holds a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Management from California State University Sacramento. In addition to his role as CEO, he Co-Chairs the California IPv6 Task Force. George also funds and invests in AI and Digital Emotions technology startup companies based in California.

George founded SACTECH together with John Riley around the time his late wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. In managing her care, he recognized how casually businesses processed and managed personally identifiable information when a fellow widower had his late wife’s privacy data compromised. George set a goal to help improve corporate security posture so businesses can more effectively protect critical privacy and other sensitive data from cyber threats.