Welcome ISACA Students!

ISACA Harrisburg Chapter has teamed up with Colleges and Universities in South Central PA to bring awareness of the profession and provide available resources to students desiring to pursue a career in IT auditing, IS security, IT governance and IT risk management and controls.

Student members will automatically receive FREE admissions to all ISACA Harrisburg Chapter program and training events if applied through the Student Application. If students are undecided whether or not to join, our Chapter invites you to attend one of our events with evidence of being a student by showing us at registration your school's student ID. The following are student classifications:

  • High School Students
  • Undergraduate Students - 12 Credit Hours/Semester
  • Graduate Students - 9 Credit Hours/Semester

Career mentoring is available for students upon inquiry and request. Students would be paired up with a Board member with similar career paths and certifications that they aspire to pursue and become. Meeting organization and arrangements will be the responsibilities of the students. This service is FREE to all students. Typical services include:

  • Resumé Reviews
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Mapping and Aspirations

As a forward-thinking, global membership association for IT professionals, ISACA is committed to providing its diverse global community with tools to chieve individual and organizational success. As a student, you want to have a support system in place to help you make the right connections within your field, secure the best job opportunities and grow professionally.