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Navigating I/O Flows/Networks to Enhance the Governance Management Cycle

By Makoto Miyazaki, CISA, CPA

COBIT Focus | 30 March 2015

What constitutes true adoption of COBIT 5? Is it a minimum condition that at least one principle of COBIT 5 is adopted for true adoption of COBIT 5? To answer this question, one must look at COBIT 5’s principles, in other words, its raison d'être. The five principles of COBIT 5 are Meeting Stakeholder Needs, Covering the Enterprise End-to-End, Applying a Single Integrated Framework, Enabling a Holistic Approach, and Separating Governance From Management. Read More

Governance of Enterprise IT Missing In Action

By Troy DuMoulin

COBIT Focus | 23 March 2015
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For a team to win games and claim championships, it needs to be more than a group of individual star players with unique sets of specialty skills. Winning teams operate under a common vision, mission and share a playbook established by strong leaders who understand how the various members of the team are best organized to achieve team goals. Read More

Establishing a Governance and Management Structure for E-commerce Using COBIT 5

By Chidi Henry Emeribe, CISA

COBIT Focus | 16 March 2015
French | Italian | Japanese | Portuguese | Spanish

A company based in Lagos, Nigeria, is in the business of sales and distribution of its brand of shoes through physical outlets in the Lagos area. In a bid to expand its operations to areas outside of its physical outlets and to also have a better competitive showing in the Nigerian marketplace... Read More