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Board Support Can Revolutionize Cities. COBIT 5 Can Help Attain It

By Graciela Braga, CGEIT, COBIT 5, CSXF, CPA

COBIT Focus | 12 November 2018

Most people, including many readers of this article, live in cities. Revolutionizing cities may seem like it is not an IT or technical issue, but smart sustainable cities are important for IT professionals. Why is revolutionizing cities relevant to IT communities and society as a whole? Because information technology has been and can be a strategic resource not only to transform a city into a smart city or a smart sustainable city, but also to transform citizens’ lives.

As the body responsible for city IT governance, the city board must include this new model as part of the city’s context and the stakeholders’ needs. But the city board is a stakeholder, too. It needs adequate information about the extent to which IT can help to achieve city goals to support its governance activities of evaluating, setting direction and monitoring. So, goals and metrics for IT in the unique city context are required. Read More >>

Introducing COBIT 2019: The Motivation for the Update?

By John Lainhart

COBIT Focus | 29 October 2018

The upsurge of digital transformation has made information and technology (I&T) crucial in the support, sustainability and growth of enterprises. Whereas governing boards and senior management might once have delegated, ignored or avoided I&T-related decisions, they know now that this approach is ill advised. Read More >>

GEIT Framework at Work, Part 5: Confirming the Results

By Peter C. Tessin

COBIT Focus | 2 October 2018

There comes a point in any long-term initiative when the issues have been identified, the mitigation plans developed, the appropriate work products defined, and those products and plans have been implemented. That is where the process described in this series of articles finds itself. Read More >>