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The Certified Assessor Experience: Satish Kini

By Satish Kini

COBIT Focus | 27 October 2014

Satish KiniSatish Kini, CRISC, an India-based IT governance consultant, recently became a COBIT Certified Assessor. He is the second professional in India to achieve this credential. Kini runs his own firm called Firstbest Consultants Pvt. Ltd., which offers IT governance consulting. He is also a member of the ISACA Bangalore (India) Chapter’s board of directors. ISACA had the opportunity to speak with him about pursuing COBIT Certified Assessor certification. Here are some of his insights. Read More

COBIT 5’s Flexibility Key to Success

By Mark Thomas, CGEIT

COBIT Focus | 20 October 2014
Portuguese | Turkish

Mark ThomasNine executives (including the author) were in a conference room, when the vice president of IT operations stated that due to recent issues within the organization, they should be looking at a governance-focused framework called COBIT. The remaining eight executives stared at him blankly. Read More

The Failed Vasa: COBIT 5 Governance and the Seven Enablers (Part 3)

By William C. Brown, Ph.D., CISA, CPA

COBIT Focus | 13 October 2014

William C. BrownOn 10 August 1628, the Vasa, among the most expensive ships of the era, sailed on her maiden voyage and within minutes sank below the waves in the Stockholm (Sweden) harbor. This is the third of a three-part series that illustrates Vasa’s stakeholder drivers, benefits, risk, costs, enterprise goals and, ultimately, enabler failures, all of which provide context for the seven COBIT 5 enablers. Read More