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Governance of Enterprise IT Missing In Action

By Troy DuMoulin, COBIT, ITIL Expert, ISO 27000, Lean IT, Prince2

COBIT Focus | 23 March 2015 French | German | Polish | Portuguese | Spanish

For a team to win games and claim championships, it needs to be more than a group of individual star players with unique sets of specialty skills. Winning teams operate under a common vision, mission and share a playbook established by strong leaders who understand how the various members of the team are best organized to achieve team goals. Following this analogy, business and IT leaders across an enterprise should share a common vision, portfolio priorities and agree on how they collectively best leverage technology resources and data to achieve business objectives. To achieve this goal, it is safe to assume that the organization would need to have an effective governance structure and framework to bring the diverse internal and external players into an alignment and shared purpose. Read More

Establishing a Governance and Management Structure for E-commerce Using COBIT 5

By Chidi Henry Emeribe, CISA

COBIT Focus | 16 March 2015
French | Italian | Japanese | Portuguese | Spanish

A company based in Lagos, Nigeria, is in the business of sales and distribution of its brand of shoes through physical outlets in the Lagos area. In a bid to expand its operations to areas outside of its physical outlets and to also have a better competitive showing in the Nigerian marketplace... Read More

Nine Steps to Assess GEIT Processes

By Leela Ravi Shankar Dhulipalla, CGEIT

COBIT Focus | 9 March 2015


The purpose of the COBIT Assessment Programme is to support the evaluation of IT process capability in an understandable, logical, repeatable, reliable and robust way (based on international standard ISO/IEC 15504). Read More