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Stay ahead of cyber threats with tools, tactics and expert guidance for taking on and succeeding in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Webinar Series offers cutting-edge thought leadership, research and advice on the current and emerging threat environment and how you can be better prepared to counter it.

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How Secure is Your Private Cloud?


Peter Bury
Cloud Security Specialist, Enterprise Technology Specialists Team
Intel Security

DATE: Tuesday, 27 September 2016
TIME: 12PM EDT / 11AM CDT / 9AM PDT / 16:00 UTC
DURATION: 1 hr 00 min


As datacenters evolve from physical places to private clouds to fully software-defined datacenters (SDDC), concerns about security tools and methods for ensuring a secure computing environment also change.

Understanding how operational models and technologies are changing is a key component to skillfully addressing risks when architecting a cloud environment. Software-defined security solutions make it possible to take advantage of the agility and speed of a private cloud while maintaining compliance.

You’ll learn:

  • Why organizations choose SDDC over public cloud, the benefits and pitfalls
  • How SDDC challenges traditional approaches to security and visibility
  • How software defined infrastructure can be used to enhance and deliver security

Peter Bury has more than 15 years of experience working for industry-leading technology companies, including VMware, EMC, Internet Security Systems, and NTT Europe. Covering virtualization, cloud, and SDDC security, he helps customers build bespoke, secured SDDC environments.

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Why Cyber Risk IS Business Risk: Assessing Cyber Risk Appetite for the C-Suite


Mason Karrer
Principal GRC Strategist

DATE: Tuesday, 4 October 2016
TIME: 12PM EDT / 11AM CDT / 9AM PDT / 16:00 UTC
DURATION: 1 hr 00 min


In the constantly changing landscape and myriad of sources behind cyber risk, executives and board members are increasingly forced to take command and accountability. Yet many lack the critical knowledge to make effective risk management decisions and incorporate them into their overall business strategy. This inevitably leads to security strategies that are ineffective and reactionary.

Per International president of ISACA, Christos Dimitriadis, Ph.D., CISA, CISM, CRISC, “In 2016, organizations must be sure that they have the cybersecurity framework, knowledge, skills and resources to manage these new threats.” The success and failure of modern enterprises is dependent on the ability to quantify cyber risk and make informed decisions within an organization’s cyber risk appetite. Those who do so effectively will be better positioned to enable continued growth, and those who do not will expose their organization to risks with potential calamitous implications. Without having a foundational, solid understanding, determining how and where to allocate human, financial, and technology resources is a complicated calculus.

Join RSA for this informative session as we discuss practical steps for identifying and categorizing cyber risk with your key stakeholders. Cyber risk IS business risk. Attend this session to enlighten your executives, enable your auditors, and take command!

As a Solutions Manager with RSA Archer, Mason Karrer is responsible for gathering requirements and designing solution enhancements to meet the needs of more than 400 GRC customers worldwide. With a background mix of software development, operations, security management, and audit, spanning nearly 20 years, Mason brings a diverse practitioner’s perspective to the product space. Mason holds the CISSP and CISA professional certifications, as well as a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering.

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