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A CSX Expert certification establishes your standing as a master-level security professional capable of identifying, analyzing, responding to and mitigating the most complex cybersecurity incidents — usually in intricate enterprise environments that pose significant exposure to attacks. CSX Experts are the authoritative source for all cybersecurity matters within an organization and approve cybersecurity controls. These individuals are ultimately responsible for root cause analysis and correlation for evaluating business impact. They work with senior management to maximize organizational cybersecurity successes and communicate business impacts related to cyber issues, and serve as team leaders for incident response and disaster recovery.

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The CSX Expert exam is a performance-based exam that tests a candidate’s skills in a live, virtual “cyber lab”.  Candidates should have master level technical capabilities and be able to execute the following activities in complex situations which include complex networks:

  • Identify and analyze new emerging threats by examining internal and external information sources to determine the potential impact to enterprise assets
  • Perform vulnerability assessment processes and tests to identify vulnerabilities, based on asset criticality and potential technical impacts
  • Validate the accuracy of correlated information from relevant sources – for example: logs, flows and event IDs – to provide threat intelligence, metrics, and incident detection or response
  • Conduct cybersecurity tests – for example: penetration tests, web application assessments – to validate whether vulnerabilities are adequately protected
  • Perform analysis of potential intrusions identified by monitoring systems or other sources to validate and confirm the existence of threats
  • Correlate and analyze relevant event data to confirm the cybersecurity incident
  • Validate indications and the potential impact of customized malicious activity and code – for example: viruses, botnet software, malware and ransomware – and initiate the response or additional in-depth analysis (reverse engineering)
  • Perform a detailed attack analysis to determine and document attack vectors, targets and the scope of attack
  • Execute the response plan to contain the damage and impact on affected assets.
  • Perform the attack analysis
  • Identify additional possible artifacts left by the initial threat
  • Create the indicators of compromise (YARA rules, OpenIOC)
  • Execute the recovery process for the cybersecurity incident and work to remediate any impact or effects of the incident
  • Perform post-incident monitoring of implemented cybersecurity controls to ensure that there are no new anomalous activities present

Exam Prerequisites:

  • Related courses are not required to take the exam, but are recommended


Related Courses

One 5-day course will be offered to teach the skills needed at the CSX Expert level. The course combines lecture with at least 50% hands-on lab exercise in a virtual cyber lab environment. The course will be available through leading global training providers.

CSX | Expert Course

With this week-long course, you’ll gain the master-level technical capabilities to execute activities ranging from identification and analysis of new emerging threats, to vulnerability assessment, threat intelligence, metrics and incident detection or response — all the way up to performing detailed attack analysis and documentation of attack vectors/targets/scope of attack, response plans and post-incident monitoring of implemented cybersecurity controls.

Get Certified and Set Yourself Apart

CSX certifications are testaments to real-life skills and excellence and show employers that you have not just the knowledge, but the ability to walk into an organization and actually do the job from day one.

Globally accepted and recognized, CSX certifications:

  • Validate skills critical to real-life cybersecurity scenarios
  • Signify higher levels of credibility to employers and organizations
  • Increase professional recognition by peers and colleagues
  • Provide credibility needed for career mobility

In addition, independent studies consistently rate ISACA’s designations amount the highest paying and highly regarded IT certifications, and CSX certifications are designed to carry on that tradition.