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Introducing CSX Skills-Based Cybersecurity Training and Performance-Based Certifications

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s not enough anymore to just show you have the knowledge — it’s about proving you have the technical skills and ability to do the job from day one. Our new skills-based training and performance-based certifications are designed to help you build, test and showcase your skills in critical areas of cybersecurity.

Whereas other certifications available today test for knowledge in a question and answer format, CSX training and exams are conducted in a live, virtual “cyber lab” environment — providing validation of actual technical skill, ability and performance.

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CSX | Practitioner

A CSX Practitioner certification demonstrates your ability to serve as a first responder, following established procedures, defined processes and working mostly with known problems on a single system. You’ll show you have firewall, patching and anti-virus experience and can implement common security controls, perform vulnerability scans and some analysis.

CSX | Specialist

The CSX Specialist series offers you the opportunity to pursue a certification in a specialty area — allowing you to demonstrate deep knowledge and ability in that domain. Choose from five independent certifications: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond or Recover. These certifications build on the skills developed in CSX Practitioner and test advanced concepts in each of the domains.


CSX | Expert

A CSX Expert certification establishes your standing as a master-level security professional capable of identifying, analyzing, responding to and mitigating the most complex cybersecurity incidents — usually in intricate enterprise environments that pose significant exposure to attacks. CSX Experts are the authoritative source for all cybersecurity matters within an organization and approve cybersecurity controls.


CSX Certification Path

Our holistic program centers on our performance-based certifications at the Practitioner, Specialist and Expert levels. CSX certifications align to existing global cybersecurity frameworks and test the candidate’s ability to perform tasks within the following cybersecurity areas in varying degrees of complexity:

  • Identify: Identification of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Protect: Protection of systems from outside threats
  • Detect: Detection of threats and system vulnerabilities
  • Respond: Response to, and mitigation of, cyber incidents
  • Recover: Recovery from incidents and disasters

For those who are new to the profession or looking to change careers, our knowledge-based Cybersecurity Fundamentals is a great place to start.