State of Cybersecurity: Implications for 2016 


Learn About the Issues, Trends and Challenges Facing Cyber Professionals
in 2016

RSA Conference and ISACA have once again collaborated to bring you the latest findings and thoughts from cyber professionals around the world. See how well your organization is meeting these challenges, compared to your peers.

In November and December 2015, ISACA and RSA Conference conducted a global survey of cybersecurity managers and practitioners, and the results were alarming. The information is now available to you in this annual report.

In short, the threats are growing but evolving in sophistication. As the rate of incidents continue to escalate, the magnitude of related brand, reputation and fiscal impact is driving organizations to address cybersecurity risk in new ways. Find out more by downloading your FREE copy of the White Paper – State of Cybersecurity: Implications for 2016.

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