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COBIT - Use It Effectively

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around how to use COBIT within your enterprise or client base.

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Dear Reader, Please allow me to invite you to complete this short questionnaire regarding the effects of Board involvement and COBIT 5 usage. The questionnaire is targeted at anybody with involvement in IT Governance issues and will take just 5 minute...
Cornelis | 7/24/2016 7:09:19 AM | COMMENTS(8)
Join author My Hanh Nguyen, as she responds to ISACA member questions beginning 25 July 2016. Add your questions by responding to this post!You must be logged in and be a member of this group* to participate  *After logging in click "Join this Community" ...
Tammie111 | 7/22/2016 9:53:38 AM | COMMENTS(0)
We allready implement COBIT while upgrading the mechanisme system of Planing and Reporting in our government. it was not easy to made an interoperability system between Planning and Reporting to support our Organisastion Boards making Policy Diriven Direc...
A.S.K | 7/17/2016 7:43:00 AM | COMMENTS(3)
Join authors Ganapathy Kannan and Vinoth Sivasubramanian, as they respond to ISACA member questions beginning 5 July 2016. Add your questions by responding to this post!You must be logged in and be a member of this group* to participate  *After logging in...
Tammie111 | 7/5/2016 9:10:40 AM | COMMENTS(0)
ISACA Journal and my Journal article The Time for Sustainable Business Is Now: Leveraging COBIT 5 in Sustainable Businesses are included in Research for June 2016 prepared by the prestigious Network for Business Sustainability.  Journals they draw from in...
Graciela Braga | 6/23/2016 4:01:20 PM | COMMENTS(0)
Graciela Braga | 6/23/2016 3:15:59 PM | COMMENTS(0)

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This document provides a preview of the information contained in COBIT 5.
Posted by ISACA 1249 days ago
This presentation by Robert Stroud, CGEIT, CRISC, ISACA Strategic Advisory Board, addresses the COBIT 5 framework, the critical aspects of COBIT 5, and what is available.
Posted by ISACA 1249 days ago
Posted by ISACA 1357 days ago
Posted by ISACA 1357 days ago
Posted by ISACA 1416 days ago

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14 Oct 2013
ISACA International Event
Boston, MA, USA
11 Aug 2014
ISACA International Event
Seattle, WA, USA
21 Sep 2015
ISACA International Event
06010 Mexico City, Panama
La Conferencia Latinoamericana CACS/ISRM
9 Nov 2015
ISACA International Event
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stay on top of the trends and opportunities of the dynamic technology industry at EuroCACS/ISRM —the leading European conference for IT audit, assurance, security and risk professionals.
1 Aug 2016
ISACA International Event
Chicago, IL, USA

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Volume 3, 2016
by Steven De Haes, Ph.D., Anant Joshi, Tim Huygh, and Salvi Jansen
This article reports on one of the investigations being done, specifically, how nonexecutive boards are reporting on their accountability for IT in their yearly reports.
Volume 2, 2016
by Laurent Renard, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, COBIT Foundation, DevOps, GRCP, ITIL Expert, Lean Six Sigma BB, MoP, MSP, P3O, PMIACP, PMI-PBA, PMP, PRINCE2, Resilia, Scrum PSM-PSPO, TOGAF
IT helps organizations achieve their goals and optimize their profitability by balancing risk at an acceptable level.
Volume 1, 2016
by Graciela Braga, CGEIT, COBIT Foundation, CPA
IS and IT auditors, assurance professionals and assessors must comply with different professional standards and maintain and improve their own process work at the appropriate capability level to meet the assignment objective...
Volume 5, 2015
by Fredric Greene, CISSP
Detective controls are a key component of a cybersecurity program in providing visibility into malicious activity, breaches and attacks on an organization’s IT environment.
Volume 5, 2015
by Chris Sullivan
Hackers frequently try to get inside networks using co-opted access credentials. Yet most IT departments still review access privileges only quarterly or semiannually.
Volume 4, 2015
by Steven De Haes, Ph.D., Anant Joshi, Ph.D., and Wim Van Grembergen, Ph.D.
This article presents some key results of a recent international study on how organizations are adopting GEIT using COBIT 5 and whether these adoptions deliver enterprise value to these organizations.

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How do you achieve effectiveness or simple integrated approach during implementation of COBIT 5. By selecting required COBIT 5 processes combination to achieve organization requirement and align as per regulations and standards. i.e. to implement Enterpri...
Posted By : Sriram S IT IS | 0 comments
“Enterprise architecture is now a strategic componentof every forward-thinking organization around the world.”Source: Related Article: Common Perspective on Enterprise Architecture: http://feapo....
Posted By : SA | 0 comments
Agile technique in software development has been around for quite some time. There have been efforts to adopt the agile techniques for strategic planning, alignment and execution. Following are some of the relevant articles/blog posts in this area. The to...
Posted By : SA | 0 comments
Community of Sponsoring Organizations, essentially the large audit/consulting firms are big proponents of COSO as an ERM framework of choice. However, ERM programs must work with ITRM programs as majority if not almost all enterprises have their key bus...
Posted By : appolloconsulting | 0 comments
13 Nov 2014
Recientemente, al igual que otros muchos profesionales alrededor del mundo, recibí de ISACA una comunicación para que diera mi opinión sobre CobiT 5.   La compilación de información por parte de diversas personas, es un proceso normal que ISACA lleva a ca...
Posted By : emorro | 1 comments
11 Mar 2014
The concept of three “Value Disciplines” of “Operational Excellence,” “Product Leadership” and “Customer Intimacy” was introduced by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema in 1993. It defines the value creation strategy of the organization. It provides a focus ...
Posted By : SA | 0 comments