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Welcome to the ISACA community for constituents in India!

We are excited about the opportunities within the country. An India Growth Task Force has been created to provide guidance and to raise awareness of ISACA certifications, research and COBIT 5. Join this community to learn more about the latest issues within India and ask questions about ISACA’s certifications, deliverables and local events.

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Below you will find India-specific guidance created by the India Task Force, including:

RBI Guidelines Mapping With COBIT 5 Internal Controls for Indian Financial Reporting using COBIT 5 Based Guidance
This important guidance document provides assistance with the New Companies Act 2013. It can help you to improve governance and risk management integration, reduce the cost of non-compliance and enhance user outcomes. Companies now need to assert that Internal Controls over Financial Reporting are effective and reliable. In the event there are any qualifications, the same needs to be disclosed to the stakeholders who rely on Financial Statements.

RBI Guidelines Mapping With COBIT 5RBI Guidelines Mapping With COBIT 5

Securing Sensitive Personal Data or Information Under India’s IT Act Using COBIT 5Securing Sensitive Personal Data or Information
Under India’s IT Act Using COBIT 5

The Events & Online Learning section provides details on India-specific events, including Cybersecurity in E-governance: Strategic Insights webinar on 17 December 2014.

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Hi, I am CISA certified and currently working as information security analyst with an organisation in UK. I am planning to move back to India sometime next year. I have heard from few friends that there is very thin scope for information security professi...
Rushikumar157 | 2/11/2015 5:10:29 PM | COMMENTS(4)
Vittal Raj R | 12/17/2014 5:23:05 AM | COMMENTS(0)
Explore how #COBIT 5 can help meet stakeholder needs in city planning in my COBIT Focus article
awkadam | 11/4/2014 4:30:25 AM | COMMENTS(0)
Hi all, I am a softwareengineer with overall 2 years of work experience in SAP-ERP domain and wouldlike to take the CISA exam.Considering the waiversto meet the 5 yrs work experience, I'll be requiring 3 yrs of waiver.My bachelor's degree would give me 2 ...
Kriti748 | 8/30/2014 12:01:30 AM | COMMENTS(6)
Hi All, I am a software engineer with experince in appication development. I also have little expereince in auditing software application controls, configuration management controls, source code backup and recovery etc  internally for the projects i have...
Jasmine403 | 6/30/2014 12:27:45 AM | COMMENTS(0)
Madhav Chablani, member of ISACA’s External Advocacy Committee and India Task Force talks about the expanding role of IT in healthcare, and its aim of unifying all aspects of healthcare to serve the patient better "The industry players are striving ha...
awkadam | 4/27/2014 11:22:59 PM | COMMENTS(0)

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Volume 4 of the quarterly newsletter for ISACA members in India.
Posted by Brian070 50 days ago
Volume 3 of the quarterly newsletter for ISACA members in India.
Posted by Brian070 168 days ago
Volume 2 of the quarterly newsletter for ISACA members in India.
Posted by Brian070 266 days ago
The ISACA India Growth Task Force is pleased to present the first issue of ISACA@India, the newsletter for ISACA members in India. The newsletter will be published every quarter and will cover various topics of interest for members.
Posted by Brian070 355 days ago
On 19 March 2014, Dr. Flavio Villanustre, CISSP, VP, Information Security of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, presented a 60-minute webinar on Big Data Security and Privacy. It will be available on archive until March 2015; please visit ‘Archived Webinar’ to access it. Dr. Villanustre has been able to respond to the many of questions that were asked by attendees. These are summarized in this document.
Posted by awkadam 372 days ago

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Volume 6, 2006
by Adhip Pal Chaudhuri, CISA, and Arundhati Sinha, CISA
Volume 4, 2006
by Everett C. Johnson, CPA
Volume 6, 2005
by Gan Subramaniam, CISA, CIA, CISSP, SSCP, CCNA, CCSA, BS 7799 LA
Volume 3, 2001
by Michael Parkinson, CISA, CIA

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