Flexible Delivery
Makes Training
Convenient Now.

To make the most of your time and budget resources, ISACA® provides three convenient corporate training delivery options.

Mix and Match Multiple Methods.

With ISACA, there are multiple ways to get relevant, impactful training by industry-certified practitioners: On-site instructor-led, virtual instructor-led and online/on-demand training. A blend of all three is typically employed for maximum effectiveness, and each has unique advantages.


There's no substitute for focused, face-to-face, expert instruction.


Online instructor-led training balances interactivity with convenience.


Anytime, anywhere online learning offers cost-efficiency and flexibility.

Fully Interactive, On-site

Private on-site instruction is the most responsively interactive training method. It allows our expert, current-day-certified instructors to tailor learning experiences to unique audiences, locations and situations, and it’s the gold standard for effective training. After all, insights gleaned over impromptu classroom interactions can impact learning as powerfully as the courses themselves. Learn more in our On-site Training FAQ.

Virtual, Instructor-Led

Our Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) courses maintain a level of interactivity thanks to fully synchronous, web-based delivery. This method is the next best thing to live, on-site training, trading in-person focus for decreased travel expenses and time out of the field. VILT courses can be private or public, depending on your organization’s budget and scheduling needs, and sessions are recorded and available for a limited time after the live presentation.

Online, On-Demand

On-demand courses can be completed online anytime, from anywhere, providing ultimate flexibility and economy. This method is especially useful for reinforcing curriculum elements, ensuring consistent messaging across diverse student populations, and foundational learning such as prerequisite work. Younger learners gravitate to this go-at-your-own-pace option, but executives also appreciate the scheduling and location flexibility it offers.