Tech Workforce 2020:

The Age and Gender Perception Gap

ISACA surveyed more than 3,500 tech professionals to see what motivates them, what influences them to stay at a job or move on, and whether age and gender impact those responses.

The Research Identifies:

The top reasons employees stay in their current roles

The primary causes of job-related stress and burnout

The prevalence of programs designed to recruit and retain women

Why women are underrepresented in the tech sector

The key reasons employees seek a new employer

What organizations should do now to increase retention rates among their tech staff

ISACA’s study finds age plays a stronger role than gender in perception gaps, but a few key differences among men and women remain. Read the report and related assets to access the data and key takeaways for your organization.


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Blog Post

Will Women in Tech Benefit from Millennials Weighing In or Exiting Out of Overdemanding Tech Cultures?
by JJ DiGeronimo, Founder of Tech Savvy Women


Making Strides in Tech Workplace Culture
by Natasha Barnes, Internal Audit Tech Senior Manager

Expert Insights on Building a Strong Culture and Improving Retention

Angella Tugume

“Organisations should build support systems within the workplace to create an environment conducive for women in tech. They need to make deliberate efforts to involve women in decision-making and leading projects and teams, and these efforts should include mentorship and sponsorship programs. Forty percent of the executive management at my organisation are women, so I have had the privilege of having role models who are women right at my workplace.”

Angella Tugume
Angella Tugume, CISA Risk Analyst at the National Information Technology Authority, Uganda
Derek Duval

“In a white-hot market for all manner of IT audit, risk and compliance professionals, attrition is a constant challenge. You cannot effectively address your organization’s risks if you ignore the risk of losing your valued team members. How do you retainyour people when career options abound and ‘company loyalty’ is a laughably outdated concept? Here is the answer: Mentorship. Engagement. Connection. Express a genuine interest in your people and help them learn and grow while they contribute.”

Derek Duval
Derek Duval Owner of Duval Search Associates, USA
Zainab Hameed

“Organizations that have a supporting culture have a balance of men and women in leadership positions, diversity programs to support the retention of women, mentoring programs, and programs for enabling returns from career breaks. During my career, my mentors have helped me work on strengths and overcome weaknesses. They have guided me in challenging projects, supported me in making career decisions and helped me navigate corporate politics.”

Zainab Hameed
Zainab Hameed, CISA, CGEIT Co-founder of TeeSquare, Pakistan

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