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Volume 4, 2016

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The New Age of Near-zero Privacy
20 July 2016
C. Warren Axelrod, Ph.D., CISM, CISSP

Privacy has been greatly diminished over the past 20 or so years. Electronic data privacy, in particular, has been affected by frequent large-scale breaches of vast repositories of personal information and other sensitive data. Physical privacy has also been significantly reduced by the ubiquitous and universal deployment of digital cameras in phones, drones, facility surveillance cameras and so on. The willingness of many to share personal data and images, unaware of or unconcerned about high-risk consequences, has contributed to the privacy deficit. Read More >>

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Minimizing the Risk of Cloud Adoption
18 July 2016
Phil Zongo

Cloud adoption continues to accelerate due to its ability to enhance business agility, improve financial flexibility and differentiate itself from competitors. Yet like any disruptive technology, cloud use also introduces risk that is significant enough to warrant board attention. My recent Journal article discusses 3 critical controls business leaders should deploy to maximize cloud benefits while minimizing business risk:

Aligning cloud programs with strategy—Cloud initiatives aligned with enterprise goals have the potential to accelerate business innovation and uplift customer experiences. To achieve this potential, leaders should start by identifying business challenges and then build cloud solutions to address those needs.  Read More >>

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