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Volume 5, 2016

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Cyberattacks—The Instability of Security and Control Knowledge
21 September 2016
Jeimy J. Cano, Ph.D., CFE

In a world of accelerating change that is moving toward more digital tendencies, security and control practices have become an ongoing exercise in reinvention. Generating value, positively surprising the customer and periodically creating discontinuities are the business mantras that dominate the available literature on management in the 21st century. These mantras cannot be ignored by information security and cyber security executives.

It has been said that “There are two kinds of companies: those who have suffered a cyberattack and those who have not realized it yet,” which is a reflection that illustrates the paradox of boards that are concerned with cyber security in their organization while not truly understanding it. Read More >>

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Framework for Protecting Your Valuable IT Assets
26 September 2016
Shemlse Gebremedhin Kassa, CISA, MSCS

Technology is evolving at an amazing pace and offering a vital benefit for businesses. On the other hand, it has also brought ever-increasing security threats. There is no agreed upon and well-suited security audit framework for tackling IT security challenges, and there is also no holistic approach for the audit process. Because of this lack of agreement, it is getting more challenging to monitor assets; confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA); threats; vulnerability; risk; and control.

My recent Journal article proposed 8 audit processes in 1 hierarchical framework to understand and design visualizations on the previously mentioned security concepts. Read More >>

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