IS Audit Basics 


Find information on a variety of topics of interest to IT professionals in this directory of informative columns from the ISACA Journal.

IS Audit Basics Columns

Since 2002, ISACA has made the material that has been published as the IT Audit Basics column in the ISACA Journal available to professionals, educators, and the general public in an effort to share important information and advance the profession.

The columns are organized by subject area index using the job practice domains of the CISA Credential.

The editors, educators and practitioners in the ISACA community that create these columns hope that you will find much here that helps you continue to enhance this pioneering and dynamic field.

IS Audit Basics Subject Areas

The Process of Auditing Information Systems

Management of the IS Audit Function

IS Controls

Performing an IS Audit

Governance and Management of IT

Governance of Enterprise IT

Risk Management

IT Organization Structure and Responsibilities

Information Technology Management Practices

Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation

Virtualization and Cloud Computing Environments

Information Systems Maintenance Practices

Application Controls

Auditing Application Controls

Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management

Information Systems Operation

Disaster Recovery Planning

Protection of Information Assets

Information Security Management

Logical Access

Social Media