A Global Look at IT Audit Best Practices 


Assessing the International Leaders in an ISACA/Protiviti Survey

A Global Look at IT Audit Best PracticesISACA and Protiviti partnered to conduct the fifth annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey in the third quarter of 2015. This global survey, conducted online, consisted of a series of  questions grouped into five categories:

  • Today’s Top Technology Challenges
  • IT Audit in Relation to the Internal Audit Department
  • Assessing IT Risks
  • Audit Plan
  • Skills and Capabilities

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For decades, many have observed that the world is becoming smaller, in great part due to the evolution of technology.

But if this is the case (and few would argue otherwise), it also is becoming a bit scarier from a technological standpoint. Cybersecurity issues and risks abound for businesses today, and the IT winds of change tell us they undoubtedly will grow exponentially over the next decade, with the global proliferation of mobile devices and rapidly maturing Internet of Things connecting technologies and people like never before.

It is in this dynamic environment that IT audit leaders and functions must operate to help their organizations identify, mitigate and monitor an escalating volume of IT risks. Working in collaboration with executive management, the board of directors, IT, legal, human resources and numerous other departments, IT auditors face the daunting task of helping their organizations undergo business transformation while managing potential IT risks that could cripple the enterprise.

ISACA and Protiviti partnered to conduct the 5th Annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey to determine where IT audit functions stand in their capabilities to address these key challenges.

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