Firmware Security Risks and Mitigation: Enterprise Practices and Challenges 


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Understand the frequency of firmware attacks and what can be done to reduce enterprise risk.

In 2016, reports of ransomware, Internet of Things (IoT) attacks and increased cyber espionage have dominated headlines. Yet many vulnerabilities are present in an area not frequently addressed within the infrastructure of almost all organizations: firmware. In addition, as IoT devices proliferate, firmware, operating system and app functionality become wholly entwined; the differentiation starts to blur.

This study attempts to identify how many firmware attacks are occurring and what is being done to reduce enterprise risk from attacks targeting firmware. The results reveal many interesting findings that indicate positives and negatives for cyber security professionals. The survey, which used multiple-choice and Likert scale formats, was organized in five major sections:

  • Demographics
  • Frameworks and standards
  • Security management and controls
  • Impact
  • Conclusions

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