Member Get a Member Overview 



 Get Members. Get Rewarded.


Join us in the ISACA Member Get a Member Program 2016!

Reach out to help friends, colleagues and other professionals become ISACA members.

They will benefit from the educational, idea-sharing and professional-development opportunities that membership provides.

You will benefit from an even broader ISACA membership network of professional, like-minded peers.

Plus, for the duration of our Member Get a Member Program—from now until 31 December 2016—your recruitment efforts will be recognized and rewarded!

The More Colleagues You Sign Up – The Better Your Reward

  • Recruit 2-3 new members and receive an attachable tracking device. Easily locate your valuable items, includes multiple customization options: a US $25 value.
  • Recruit 4-5 new members and receive an indoor/outdoor home assistant that flies, 2.4 Ghz camera included. Flips upside down with 4.5 ch. 3D control with LED lights: a US $145 value.
  • Recruit 6-7 new members and receive a surface projector. Turn any surface into your very own display and entertainment center: a US $279 value.
  • Recruit 8-9 new members and receive hi-tech, smart luggage that you can control from your phone: a US $375 value.
  • Recruit 10 or more new members and receive a high-quality gaming system with WiFi capabilities and built-in Blu-ray player. Also includes a controller and 2 games: a US $550 value.

Your efforts may also receive global recognition. With the member’s permission, we would like to celebrate the Top Recruiter and other prize winners by sharing their names and stories on our web site and through our social media channels.

How Do You Recruit?

It's easy. Simply send a personalized email to your network of colleagues or friends:

  • Copy and paste text from the sample email
  • Include your colleague’s name, your name and your Member ID#:___________
    (see section Use Your Member ID that follows), your friends will need this # to complete the Membership application)
  • Once your friends complete the application on the sign-up page, pay their 2016 dues** and enter your Member ID#, you will receive credit for recruiting them

Who Do You Recruit?

  • A co-worker who could benefit from COBIT
  • Colleagues interested in professional growth
  • Members of other professional associations
  • Someone who might be interested in taking a CISA, CISM, CGEIT, or CRISC exam
  • New college graduates eager for career advancement
  • A full-time student majoring in fields including: information systems, business administration, accounting, information technology, engineering, computer science
  • Start with your co-workers and then expand to your larger network

Use Your Member ID

Your colleagues and friends must enter your ISACA Member ID number in their application in order for you to get credit for recruiting them:

  • Include your ISACA Member ID number in the personalized email you send them
  • Find your Member ID number—
    • In the email you received from ISACA Chair Christos K. Dimitriadis Ph.D., CISA, CISM, CRISC
    • Or, on your MY PROFILE page

Start recruiting new members today—the more members you recruit, the more you will be rewarded.


Check out the Recruiting Tips, Rules, FAQs for more information. Or, contact the member services team at or 847.660.5600.

*Rules and restrictions apply and can be found at Please be sure to read and understand these rules. If your friends or colleagues do not reference your ISACA member ID at the time they become ISACA members, you will not receive credit for recruiting them. Please remember to have them enter your ISACA member ID on the application form at the time they sign up. For you to receive credit for recruiting a new member through this program, your friend or colleague must become an approved ISACA member per the ISACA guidelines and pay applicable 2017 dues. **Full-dues paying members pay US $135 ISACA International dues, plus chapter dues (if required) and new member processing fee (which is waived if your colleagues enter your ISACA Member ID when they join online). Program ends 31 December 2016. Final winners will be announced after 28 February 2017.