Student Rep GAIN Program 


Student Representatives
Growing An ISACA Network (GAIN) Program 

ISACA’s future growth depends on growing its future leaders – and a tremendous number of undiscovered future leaders are still in school!      

GAIN members – GAIN experience   

The GAIN program was started to help these emerging student leaders tap into their own potential for networking, and increase the number of ISACA student members. Students selected to serve as representatives for the GAIN Program will grow an ISACA network on campus, familiarize themselves with ISACA resources, and gain valuable experience in the soft skills needed for career advancement.

Full-time undergraduate or graduate students recommended by the Academic Advocate on their campus are eligible to become student representatives for the GAIN program. These student reps have complimentary 2012 ISACA student membership, recruit their peers into ISACA membership, and compete in an opportunity to win prizes.   

Prize incentives include a grand-prize trip to a regional ISACA conference with an opportunity to meet face-to-face time with experienced ISACA leaders to gain advice on career goals and job opportunities.

This program is by invitation only, but students may refer their professors to the ISACA web site for more information about the Academic Advocate program. Recommendations for the student representative GAIN program are accepted only by current Academic Advocates. 

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