COBIT 5 Licensing 


Licensing and Use of COBIT 5

Individuals who purchase a copy of COBIT 5 from ISACA or an authorized reseller have the ability to use, sell or otherwise dispose of that particular copy. COBIT 5 licensing is required for training, consulting, COBIT 5 Online and commercial uses. To learn more about the value of COBIT 5 or to make inquiries regarding licensure or use, please contact the ISACA Intellectual Property Department at

Individual Use

Each individual purchasing a COBIT 5 publication is allowed to use it for his/her own personal purposes. A book purchase or download does not provide license to reproduce, reprint or display COBIT 5 publications.

COBIT 5 Online

COBIT 5 Online is a multi-phase initiative by ISACA to address a wide variety of member needs for accessing, understanding and applying the COBIT 5 framework. The primary objective of this inaugural version is to provide easy access to online versions of COBIT 5 publications. This is a good option for access to a variety of COBIT 5 publications and resources for individual subscribers and for enterprises.

Volume book purchase discount:

Please visit the ISACA bookstore or contact us at for volume discount rates on COBIT 5 books.

Audit, Advisory and Consulting

When content from COBIT 5 books is used in tools, guidance or other works for commercial (not internal) audit, advisory and consulting services, an annual license from ISACA is required unless the purchaser is an ISACA member. This does not apply to software tools that are sold commercially, as this use requires a commercial software license. Please contact for more information.

Commercial Use

When content from COBIT 5 books is used in software products sold or given to third parties or otherwise offered commercially, a license is required. Please contact for more information.

Single product license for commercial:

A single product license to include the following COBIT 5 publications in a software or other product offered for commercial sale is available: COBIT 5: Framework, COBIT 5: Enabling Processes, COBIT 5 Implementation and up to two translations of these publications. Please contact for more information.  

Unlimited Commercial License:

For companies producing multiple products that incorporate one or all COBIT 5 publications as listed in the commercial product license above, an unlimited commercial license is recommended. This license will also provide internal access to COBIT 5 publications. Please contact for more information.

Academic Institutions—Degree-Granting

Colleges and Universities:

When content from COBIT 5 books is used in training and education programs offered by degree-granting colleges or universities, a license is required. To be eligible, the academic institution must offer an education curriculum culminating in the achievement of an associate’s degree or higher. Academic institutions may be granted permission to use materials in the classroom by contacting

Special academic purchase discounts are available to students and instructors by contacting the ISACA Bookstore at or by phone +1.847.660.5650.

Accredited Trainers and Training Organizations

Trainers and training organizations who offer courses leading to a COBIT 5 certificate or certification must be accredited through ISACA’s partners, APMG or PEOPLECERT. See our COBIT 5 Authorized Training Organizations page for more information.

COBIT 5 Training

If you are interested in COBIT 5 training please visit our COBIT training pages or contact