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Your central reference point for the most current ISACA related news, events and advocacy efforts.

ISACA is the leading global advocate for information systems security and cybersecurity, audit, assurance, risk, privacy and governance professionals. This includes working with government, non-profit and commercial enterprises from around the world to:

  • Develop, share and serve as a trusted source of knowledge, standards, networking and career development
  • Support and assist in the development of government and regulatory frameworks and guidance aimed at addressing significant business issues and trends
  • Demonstrate how ISACA members and certifieds contribute to organizational success
  • Fill professional skill and knowledge gaps




News and Events

Increase and enhance awareness and influence of ISACA by helping promote the credibility and capability of ISACA members, the value of ISACA credentials and the robustness and usefulness of ISACA knowledge.

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Enterprise Resources / Publications

ISACA offers guidance and resources that are beneficial and accessible to anyone within an enterprise, regardless if they are an ISACA member or not.