COBIT 2019 Design Guide 


Designing an Information and Technology Governance Solution

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For more than two decades, the COBIT governance framework for enterprise information and technology (I&T) has been helping enterprises derive more value from I&T assets. COBIT 2019, the latest iteration of this world-renowned framework, builds on this legacy. COBIT 2019 not only updates and adds new information, but also offers more practical guidance for tailoring and implementing a right-sized governance program suited to the unique needs of your enterprise.

COBIT 2019 Design Guide: Designing an Information and Technology Governance Solution is a breakthrough publication for the COBIT framework. Since there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all governance system for enterprise I&T, every organization must uniquely tailor its governance system in order to maximize value out of its uses of I&T. The COBIT 2019 Design Guide provides a blueprint for enterprises through the use of “design factors.” This publication:

  • Explores the implications of various design factors and their impacts on the design of a governance solution
  • Presents a four-step workflow for designing an enterprise governance solution, which takes into account all potential design factors.
  • Helps enterprises create a customized governance system that fits their unique needs
  • Provides guidance for also using the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide in tandem with this Design Guide

In addition, the COBIT 2019 Design Guide offers a companion toolkit, an Excel® spreadsheet-based tool that helps prioritize the specific design aspects to be considered for your enterprise’s customized governance program. Users can plug in values from their enterprise into the tool, and the tool determines the relative importance of governance and management objectives for the enterprise. The COBIT 2019 Design Guide contains step-by-step instructions for how to use the toolkit to help an enterprise create a tailored governance system.

If you are a direct stakeholder in governance over enterprise I&T, COBIT 2019 Design Guide and its insights can help you to create a governance program that generates tremendous value from information and technology, wherever these valuable assets may be located within your organization.

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