COBIT Self-Assessment Guide: Using COBIT 5 

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  COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model
  COBIT Assessor Guide: Using COBIT 5

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COBIT Self-Assessment Guide: Using COBIT 5 is a "stand-alone" publication, which can be used by organisations to perform a less rigorous assessment of the capability of their IT processes. This may be a precursor to undertaking more rigorous, evidenced-based assessment. The approach is based on the COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT 5 in the COBIT assessment programme, but does not require evidentiary requirements in support of the self-assessment, nor does it require use of the COBIT PAM. Sufficient information from the COBIT PAM and a full self-assessment template have been provided to simplify the process, eliminating the need to reference the other two publications in the COBIT assessment programme. However, users are encouraged to refer to the COBIT PAM and the COBIT Assessor Guide: Using COBIT 5.

The COBIT Self-Assessment Guide: Using COBIT 5:

  • Details how to perform a basic self assessment of an organization’s current IT process capability levels against COBIT 5
  • Is based on the COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT 5 but is a stand-alone guide supporting the basic self assessment approach
  • Defines roles and responsibilities for performing assessments
  • Provides options for the scoping of assessments
  • Defines the types of evidence that should be gathered
  • Provides guidance on how to determine the capability level of an IT process