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Transitioning an Enterprise From COBIT 5 to COBIT 2019

By Govind Kulkarni, COBIT 5 Foundation, CSQA, ISO 27001 LI, ITIL Expert, PMP

COBIT Focus | 11 November 2019

COBIT 5 was released in 2012 and, after 6 years, in November 2018, the first titles in the updated COBIT 2019 framework began to appear. Implementers observe that, in practice, enterprises often require several years to become familiar with an upgraded framework and adopt new guidance and standards. The point is, there is a gap between the pace at which frameworks are modified and the pace at which enterprises—even entire industries—adopt, implement and gain value from updated frameworks.

What does this mean? Should authorities release updated frameworks less frequently? No. It makes more sense for enterprises and industries to find leaner, quicker, better and more effective approaches to adopting and implementing updated frameworks to keep pace. Otherwise, they will be left behind. Read More >>

Employing COBIT 2019 for Enterprise Governance Strategy

By Christopher C. Anoruo

COBIT Focus | 28 October 2019

Strategy is a plan for achieving a set objective. COBIT 2019 is here to help practitioners apply standard information and technology (I&T) controls to enterprise governance strategy. Mapping control objectives from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard... Read More >>

Using COBIT 2019 Performance Management Model to Assess Governance and Management Objectives

By Leela Ravi Shankar Dhulipalla

COBIT Focus | 16 September 2019

The purpose of COBIT performance management (CPM) is to evaluate how well the governance and management system and all the components of an enterprise work, and how they can be improved to achieve target levels of process and practice capability and maturity. Read More >>