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COBIT Design Factors: A Dynamic Approach to Tailoring Governance in the Era of Digital Disruption

By CA. Abdul Rafeq, CISA, CGEIT, FCA

COBIT Focus | 4 February 2019

We are living in exciting times where the impact of disruptive technology is seen in all aspects of our professional and personal lives. We are witnessing the phenomenal pace of technology change and the resultant impact on enterprises in terms of innovative business processes facilitated by information systems with underlying technology. This technology tsunami impacts governance, risk, compliance, assurance and processes of management of information and technology (I&T).

Despite these rapid changes, the need for enterprises to enhance stakeholder value and for professionals to add value remains unchanged. This need can be met through the use of an overriding governance and management framework to home in on which information systems and processes should be prioritized to get the greatest return for enterprise governance of I&T (EGIT). This, in turn, will optimize meeting enterprise objectives. Read More >>

IT Governance 101: IT Governance for Dummies, Part 1

By Paul Wilkinson

COBIT Focus | 22 January 2019

There are a lot of IT governance “dummies” out there.
    dummy (noun)
    :a stupid or silly person

Before deciding not to read on, arguably, there are a lot of us out there showing little thought or judgement about what IT governance really means... Read More >>

Agile GEIT Practitioners Guide, Part 1

By Michael Bergman, CRISC, CISSP

COBIT Focus | 7 January 2019

Ever-increasing legal and regulatory requirements have an impact on Agile’s ability to respond to customers’ needs in a timely, effective and efficient manner. To limit that impact and maximize value delivery to the organization, a governance of enterprise IT (GEIT) system focused on managing IT risk within the Agile environment is required. Read More >>