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The Certified Assessor Experience: Satish Kini

By Satish Kini

COBIT Focus | 27 October 2014

Satish KiniSatish Kini, CRISC, an India-based IT governance consultant, recently became a COBIT Certified Assessor. He is the second professional in India to achieve this credential. Kini runs his own firm called Firstbest Consultants Pvt. Ltd., which offers IT governance consulting. He is also a member of the ISACA Bangalore (India) Chapter’s board of directors. ISACA had the opportunity to speak with him about pursuing COBIT Certified Assessor certification. Here are some of his insights.

What prompted you to pursue the COBIT Certified Assessor certificate?

Being an IT governance consultant, COBIT is a framework that cannot be ignored. I have been doing COBIT-based assessments for some time now and had the opportunity to complete a COBIT process assessment in Papua New Guinea, which required that I be certified. Thus, when ISACA announced the credential, I knew it was for me. The exam was not offered in India, so I flew to Dubai to get certified.

I have been a fan of COBIT since the release of COBIT 4.0, and have referenced it in my engagements.

What will this certificate enable you to do?

I have performed a few COBIT 5 assessments since being certified, and the training, specifically related to the structured approach in the COBIT 5 assessment model, helped me do the assessment accurately.

Following my assessment, the organizations with which I consult have the assurance that the process is complete and know that, as a COBIT Certified Assessor, I am a proven expert.

A COBIT Certified Assessor stands out from the crowd and is well equipped to complete COBIT-based process assessments.

To learn more about becoming a COBIT Certified Assessor, visit the ISACA web site.


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