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CGEIT exam study materials, include primary references, publications, articles, the ISACA Journal and other links.

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CGEIT Review Manual 7th Edition  Print | ePUB

CGEIT Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual 4th Edition


CGEIT 考试复习手册(第 7 版)

CGEIT 考试复习手册(第 7 版)eBook

CGEIT 复习考题及解答手册(第 4 版)


CGEIT レビューマニュアル第7版


The following primary references can be used for CGEIT exam preparation. These represent publications that address the CGEIT domains and the use of an IT governance framework. These were used as references in the development of the CGEIT domains, tasks and knowledge statements. When reading these documents, an exam candidate should focus on the IT governance principles and practices that are presented and discussed. The following publications are available for purchase or download:

  • COBIT 5—COBIT 5 is the only business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. This evolutionary version incorporates the latest thinking in enterprise governance and management techniques, and provides globally accepted principles, analytical tools and models to help increase the trust in, and value from, information systems. COBIT 5 builds and expands on COBIT 4.1 by integrating other major frameworks standards and resources.
    • COBIT 5: Enabling Processes—A detailed reference guide to the processes defined in the COBIT 5 process reference model. This includes the COBIT 5 goals cascade, a process model explanation, governance and management practices, and the process reference model.
    • COBIT 5: Enabling Information—COBIT 5: Enabling Information is a reference guide that provides a structured way of thinking about information governance and management issues in any type of organization. This structure can be applied throughout the life cycle of information, from conception and design, through building information systems, securing information, using and providing assurance over information, and to the disposal of information.
  • IT Governance for CEOs and Members of the Board By Bryn TT Phillips— This book gives a concise overview of Information Technology Governance and is geared towards those who need to understand it the most, but usually have the least time to do so: CEO's and members of the board! It provides a summary of the reasons IT Governance is required, a brief description of the elements of IT Governance, and, most importantly, gives guidance with regards to the responsibilities of the Board. This book also gives guidance as to what is required of the Board and CEO, and what should be delegated to the CIO and others.

No representation or warranties assuring the candidate’s passage of the exam are made by ISACA in regard to these or other association publications or courses.


ISACA has produced these study materials as an educational resource to assist individuals preparing to take the CRISC certification exam. They were produced independently from the CGEIT Certification Board, which has no responsibility for their content.